YKode is a Rapid Web Development Platform. Developers and organization can save 50% of coding time for developing Web/Apps.

Ykode Support

Being a new platform and since there are limited support available in the market we have prepared team of professionals with over 12 years of experience in developing website's from simple informative website to dynamic and interactive website. The team uses industry trends to combine technologies like Web Page Building, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google +. Following are various options that Ykode can build for you.

Simple Website

Obviously, yes. use your design, or ask for Ykode Design Support to build stuningly looking website.

E-Com/Data Driven Portal

Building E-Comm or Data driven portals are similar to building static sites. DBA, Designer and Developer all work in their space with inter-dependency

Mobile Web Applications

Building Mobile Portal is no-different then building Web-Portals, each pages are modular use it they way you want for PC or Mobile