What is Ykode?

It is a Cloud Based web-development platform. Developer can now make their Web-Apps, Portal without worrying about server side scripting. It saves at least 30% of development time and over 50% of maintenance time.

Following are live projects which were built using Ykode:

Is it a CMS?

Ykode is not a CMS, it is similar to using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on cloud. In Ykode developers don't write any server side scripts.

How difficult it is to use Ykode?
  • For Beginers - 1 Hour to build first dummy project
  • For Developers - 12 Hours to build first commercial project
  • For Team Leaders - 6 Hours to understand and leverage benefits of Ykode
  • For Designers - 2 Hours to build static portal, 12 Hours to build dynamic form driven portal
Key Features
  • Development process is truly modular; Designers, Coders and DBA can now work independently without depending for each other.
  • No Code Compilation or deployment hassles, code compilation and maintenance happen in real-time.
  • Multiple teams can work simultaneously on same project from different geographical locations. Code is automatically integrated and revision history is maintained.
  • Zero Server Side Coding, designers can now handle forms.
  • Code testing is needed only for client scripting.
  • Development time reduces by minimum 30%, maintenance time is reduced by minimum 50%.
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